In support of uncomfortable conversations

In support of uncomfortable conversations

Sure, talking about your balls can be uncomfortable. So can a lot of things.

Our Mission:

Support men (literally and figuratively) in challenging everyday discomfort.

We've partnered with ManTalks to Question the Rules and host a series of (sometimes uncomfortable) conversations about being a man today. No bullsh*t, no filters, #nostatusquo.


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Question the rules


We've partnered with ManTalks to Question the Rules and host a series of conversations about being a man today.

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Dating in 2019


From sexting, to apps, ghosting, #metoo and more.

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Episode 2

Three guys get real about their relationship with porn — a.k.a. that thing we never talk about.

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Mental Health

Episode 3

When it comes to mental health, men are often taught not to talk about it. Three men break that rule.

Meet the crew

Connor beaton / @mantalks


ManTalks founder Connor Beaton wasn’t always helping men start conversations. In fact, he was once a professional opera singer who was struggling silently offstage – to the point where he hit his rock bottom: living out of his car while he presented a picture of success to the world around him.

And so, the idea for ManTalks was born. Connor saw the need for a community where men could come together: to share feelings and fears, be vulnerable, and most importantly, support and learn from one another.​

Mark Groves


Communicatinos coach who teaches the science of relationships, connection + intimacy.

Zeke Thomas


DJ artist + sexual assault survivor. Son of NBA legend Isiah Thomas.

Vienna Pharaon


Leading NYC-based couples therapist.

Chris Nieratko


Dad, comedy writer, author of Skinema + former Porn Editor for Penthouse Magazine.

Mike Rosen


Storyteller and health advocate who writes about his addiction to porn.

Daniel Saynt


Raised Jehova’s Witness; now runs NSFW, a members-only club for the adventurous.

Eldra Jackson


Former inmate who faced a life sentence; now a free man who founded the Inside Circle to lead group work with inmates.

Terry Real


Author of “I Don’t Want to Talk About It” and internationally-renowned men’s mental health expert.

Kevin Breel


Comedian, activist, and author of Boy Meets Depression.

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Creating safe space on the internet is sooo challenging. Props to these dudes for being so open and sharing. #keepitcoming.”