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Shirtless man in grey underwear and shoes with feet up on boombox

Super Soft.

Our best-selling style, made with a super-soft and moisture-wicking fabric. This collection is all about the prints: you'll definitely find one here that fits your… vibe.

Slim Fit
No Fly


If you consider yourself a tried-and-true SAXX-man, there’s a good chance that at this very moment, you’re wearing the best-selling Vibe boxer briefs. Along with the BallPark Pouch™, it’s kind of what put us on the map. Its premium viscose fabric is super-soft and moisture-wicking, naturally odor resistant and breathable. It’s our best-seller for a reason, providing guys unbeatable all-day comfort for work, weekend, or whatever else you’ve got going on. Available in a boxer brief and trunk, guys can take their pick of most comfortable men's underwear. Easy to layer under pants, skinny jeans, shorts, or whatever else you happen to be wearing, this is your go-to everyday pair. Oh, and guess what? Vibe is also available in our widest range of prints and patterns. Whether you’re sporting all-black everything or some crazy colorful work of art, your balls will be dressed for next-level success. You can count on that.