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Sizing Chart

Measurement Units
1. Waist 27-29 69-74 29-32 74-82 32-35 82-89 35-38 89-97 38-42 97-107 42-46 107-117
SilhouetteBriefTrunkBoxer BriefLong legTight
2. Inseam 0 0 3 7 5 13 7-9 18-23 29 74
Graphic showing how to measure waistband and inseam of underwear

How to Measure

  1. Waist
    Using a flexible measuring tape, measure just under your belly button where your waistband usually hits. Keep the measuring tape flat against your body and parallel to the floor.
  2. Inseam
    The inseam runs from the crotch of your underwear to the bottom of the leg. To measure, place a tape along the inside leg, from the crotch seam to the opening.


Brief Silhouette

Brief - 0" inseam

Designed for guys who prefer a full range of motion. A classic silhouette with signature SAXX features.

Trunk silhouette

Trunk - 3" inseam

With a 3” inseam, Trunks are slightly shorter than our best-selling Boxer Briefs, providing great breathability.

Boxer Brief silhouette

Boxer Brief - 5" inseam

Our most popular silhouette. Boxer Briefs feature a 5" inseam that sits comfortably mid-thigh.

Also Available In: Loose Fit Boxer
Long Leg silhouette

Long Leg - 7-9" inseam

With a longer inseam, our Long Leg Boxer Briefs are made for those who are taller, have larger thighs, or prefer more coverage.

Tight silhouette

Tight - 29" inseam

A full-length silhouette. Enjoy life-changing comfort and support from waist to ankle.


Loose Fit

Airy, with ample room around the leg. A modern take on the traditional boxer.

Available in: Quest, Daytripper, DropTemp™ Cooling Sleep
Relaxed fit underwear

Relaxed Fit

Slightly roomier than our Slim Fit: eases slightly over the butt and through the leg.

Available in: Ultra, DropTemp™ Cooling Mesh, Non-Stop Stretch Cotton, Daytripper, 22nd Century Silk
Slim fit underwear

Slim Fit

Form-fitting around the butt, thighs, and leg.

Available in: Vibe, Quest, Sport Mesh, Volt, DropTemp™ Cooling Cotton, DropTemp™ Cooling Hydro, Roast Master Mid-Weight
Light-compression fit underwear

Light-Compression Fit

Hugs the body without being restrictive. BallPark Pouch™ PRO for enhanced stability.

Available in: Kinetic, Training Short
Compression fit underwear

Compression Fit

A tighter, more supportive fit. BallPark Pouch™ PRO for enhanced stability.