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Sizing Chart

Measurement Units
1. Waist 28-29 71-74 30-32 76-82 33-35 84-89 36-38 91-97 39-42 99-107 43-46 109-117
CollectionOh BuoyGo CoastalBetawaveLand To Sand
2. Inseam 5/7 13/18 5/7 13/18 7/9 18/23 9 23
Swim shorts how to measure waistband and inseam

How To Measure

  1. Waist
    Using a flexible measuring tape, measure just under your belly button where your waistband usually hits. Keep the measuring tape flat against your body and parallel to the floor.
  2. Inseam
    The inseam runs from the crotch of your short to the bottom of the leg. To measure, place a tape along the inside leg, from the crotch seam to the opening.


Oh Buoy - 5" or 7" inseam

Featuring a 4-way stretch shell with an integrated BallPark Pouch™ liner, Oh Buoy offers unreal support in and out of water.

Go Coastal Swim collection

Go Coastal - 5" or 7" inseam

Featuring a full elastic drawcord waist, Go Coastal comes equipped with an integrated DropTemp™ Cooling Hydro Liner and the BallPark Pouch™.

Betawave Swim collection

Betawave - 7" or 9" inseam

With a fixed-waist shell, Betawave is equipped with a BallPark Pouch™ liner, maximizing movement and chafe-free support.

Land To Sand Swim collection

Land To Sand - 9" inseam

A hybrid swim style featuring a DropTemp™ Cooling Hydro Liner and the BallPark Pouch™.


Slim fit swim

Slim Fit

These 2N1 swim shorts combine a Slim Fit liner with a slim or relaxed shell. The integrated liner is form-fitting through the butt and thighs.

Available in: Oh Buoy, Go Coastal, Betawave, Land To Sand