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We asked over 500 men to define self-care – here’s what they said

Self-care for men may be a relatively new concept, but you’re already practicing it daily. Whether you’re hitting the driving range to address that kink in your swing, grabbing beers with friends, or getting that haircut you might be too old for, you have a good idea of what needs to happen for you to feel like, well, you.

However, you may not realize that by upgrading your underwear, you’re investing in how you feel – which in turn influences how you show up in your daily life. That’s also self-care. Underwear touches the most sensitive part of your skin all day, so it’s not hard to draw a line to the positive mental state that can result from elevating your underwear game.

But in many cases, that connection has yet to be made. A recent survey of over 500 North American men aged 25 to 55 revealed some interesting information as to how they think about self-care. We learned it doesn’t come naturally to many men, and that there are many different possible roads that lead to the same place – the best version of you.

A person smiling in a bathrobe wearing spa eye masks.

Putting the self in “self-care.”

It’s easy to show up and show out when you’re feeling rested, present, and comfortable in your own skin. So it’s not surprising that a majority of men said wellness is important, with 79% rating it at least an 8 out of 10.

The survey revealed that wellness for men doesn’t necessarily mean going to the spa, where a soundtrack of various marine animals whimpering over soft jazz plays in the background. It can be much simpler, like hanging out with friends and eating healthy foods. But the survey also revealed that very few men know the important role high-quality underwear plays in feeling their best, as only 5% bought a new pair after learning about superior options.

When asked what parts of their bodies men think about most, eyes, face, and teeth all ranked higher than balls. This makes sense – while you might be told about some kale stuck in your teeth, no one is going to comment on your squished sack. But you’re going to feel that discomfort, and it’s going to affect your ability to do pretty much everything.

So fine, most people won’t know you’ve purchased high-quality boxer briefs. That doesn’t matter, because you’ll know what’s up. You’ll be comfortable. You’ll be confident. And that’s what will get noticed.

A person in a bathrobe wearing sunglasses.

Missing the ball.

It’s hard to stay focused on anything when your package is in disarray. Of course, without taking the necessary precautions, that disarray is almost guaranteed.

The survey revealed that 79% of men think about their ball comfort daily, with 29% thinking about it constantly (these people either have too much time on their hands or work with us).

Given those high numbers, you’d think that ball discomfort would be a common topic of discussion among men. However, of those surveyed:

  • 45% don’t talk about their ball care with anyone. 
  • 32% only talk about ball care with their doctor.
  • 25% talk about ball care with a partner.

The lack of dialogue around ball discomfort – and how to remedy it – should change. Comfort doesn’t have to be a lonely or difficult pursuit. It shouldn’t be taboo to talk about the most sensitive area on a man’s body. You’d have no problem asking your friends where they got their wrist or knee brace. So why wouldn’t you ask them where they got their high-quality underwear?

We have faith that those conversations are coming. And when they do, self-care will follow. Wearing soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking underwear is the next step on that journey. Our BallPark Pouch™ and non-chafing Flat Out Seams™ were designed with men’s anatomy – and comfort – in mind.

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Hiding in plain sight.

Too often, men make the unnecessary choice to suffer in silence, even though there are options to take better care of your balls – and yourself.

While 31% of men already think of balls as self-care, nearly half of the men surveyed said that they haven’t thought about doing anything to help their ball care. And only a small percentage identified changing underwear as a solution. Something clearly needs to be done. The survey informed us that 49% of guys only buy underwear when they have to. But as we know, wellness isn’t something to be taken for granted. It requires a proactive approach.

In order to help your body and mind, you should be buying high-quality underwear – and not just when one of your favorite pairs rips so badly they become unwearable, or your partner makes an impassioned plea to address the situation.

The “strong and silent” archetype means that men aren’t always acting on what’s making them uncomfortable, and that’s a huge problem. After all, no one’s going to earn a medal for weathering the worst with the fewest amount of words. Speaking up and taking better care of your package is worth it – feeling comfortable and confident is a prize greater than any hunk of gold.

There’s a simple solution that can help address this problem: upgrading your underwear. Shop now.

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